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Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a popular form of mattresses stemming from its development by NASA researchers in 1966. Originally designed to be used for astronauts’ seat cushings for its slow spring-back form and warmth mechanisms.

In the 1980’s, NASA released the material to the public though many companies were finding it difficult to work with the material until in 1991, Tempur Pedic finally made its stamp with the Tempur Pedic mattresses. Making Tempur Pedic mattresses also lead to pillow and blankets.

What is Memory foam made of?

memory foam 8Memory foam was initially created by feeding gas into a polymer medium. With the foam’s open-cell and solid structure, this made so the foam would match the pressure against it and cause it to slowly spring back to its original form and shape. Memory foam is denser than other mattress forms and is heavier. The denser the foam, the firmer it will be.

Original uses:

Once released to the public, in the beginning, the foam was often used in medical environments and for medical products such as X-ray table paddings, and in hospitals for patients who spent most of, if not all, their time in bed. The Tempur Pedic foam helped prevent bedsores from constant lying on stiff mattresses. Tempur Pedic foam cushioned the body and prevented pressure to build on the same pressure points.

Other uses were found in helmets, Tempur Pedic lining protected the head by cushioning and conforming to the shape of the skull. It was commonly used for wheel chair cushions, and pillows made of memory foam were used to help those suffering with neck injuries or postural problems. The warmth of the material helped relieve aches and pains so was also found beneficial to those who suffered with 0Fibromyalgia.


In the beginning, Tempur Pedic was considered a high price for a mattress and not attainable by many who wanted or needed this new, and sought-after material. There was also some discrepancies with the amount of heat the mattress put off. For many consumers, although the comfort was there, the heat was a bit much and made it difficult to sleep peacefully with the heat consuming them. So, a 2nd generation of Tempur Pedic was designed.

• Second generation Tempur Pedic: To help give the mattress a cooler feel, companies began opening up the mattresses’ cell structure to give it more breathability and circulate the body heat more evenly.

• Third generation Tempur Pedic: Another form of Tempur Pedic is born in 2006. Gel visco or gel memory began being used in Memory foam mattresses to not only reduce body heat, but increase the mattresses’ spring-back time. It also reduces some of the firmness to make it feel softer.

Memory foam mattresses have been through a number of changes over the years in the attempt to find the ultimate comfort sleeping mattress for all types of sleeping needs. It continues to be a very popular choice in mattresses due to the different comfort levels it offers, yet the basics of the mattress remains the same…soft, yet firm, warmth, yet breathable.

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Start Planning Your DIY Home Face-Lift Project Now, Before The Spring Thaw

DIY home improvement to your home this spring should start now.

Yes, it’s cold and there is snow on the ground. Now is the time, you can begin planning the projects that will make your home more attractive, add functionality to your home, and increase its resale value.

In this article, we will look at some DIY project that with a few hand tools, a jigsaw, and a little ingenuity you can give your home a face-lift.

When you have finished reading you’ll have some ideas that will make your significant other happy, you’ll have as sense of accomplishment, and your home’s looks will improve one project at a time.

Antique Cedar Blanket Chest, chest of Drawers for crafts or the handyman

JigsawHere’s simple test of your woodworking skills. Now before you venture off and get all of these tools please read some tool reviews first.

You can often find cedar Blanket chests in antique stores or even thrift shops and you can refurbish them like new. This allows you to store your winter blankets and quilts during the spring and summer. It also lends a rustic and decorative air to a bedroom or foyer. The scent of cedar permeates the fabric and they come out of storage smelling fresh.

However there are those who prefer to DIY their own version of this classic.

Plans are available for this and hope chests, chest of drawers, or glory chest can be found on the web.

This allows you to create one that meets your tastes and reflects your lifestyle.

A chest of drawers is especially nice if your family enjoys crafts. A jigsaw can cut the drawer sections and some inexpensive metal hinges and brackets allow you to build a plethora of drawers that open out when the lid is raised to allow access to spools of thread, beads, or other small objects that are used for craftwork.

It also has applications for the handy man as well lending a rustic air to your small tools, screws, and other items all neatly organized.

This looks much better than plastic versions; you buy at the local home improvement megastore.

Recroom Snack Center

Here is project you can sink your teeth into. Everyone likes to go down to the recroom in the basement and watch TV on the big screen.

Then, you have to run back and forth to get snacks and drinks while you watch your favorite movie, TV show, or it’s the “Big Game” you’ve waited for all week.

Why not build a snack bar in the recroom?

This is easy enough to do. A small undercounter refrigerator can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite beverages and one that will fit your particular needs can be found on Amazon these days.

A small induction cooker, Crockpot, and coffee or single K Cup beverage machine rounds out the picture for a fully functional Snack center.

Make your own nachos, popcorn, or Italian beef sandwiches while watching the Big Game.

There is no end to the possibilities.

A laminate countertop, which can be custom cut with a jigsaw, gives you a decorative top that resists scratching, stains, and spills.

Your family, friends and guests will appreciate the comfort and ease that an evening’s entertaining can be, while enjoy video excitement, drama, or sport.

All made even better with food and drink available close at hand.

Kitchen makeover with a laminate counter topped Dinning Island

Is your kitchen getting that rundown look?

Brighten it with new counter tops and a Dinning Island instead of a kitchen table. No, don’t plop down a fortune for marble or granite counter tops.

The new laminate materials can give you the same look and feel of these more expensive countertops at a fraction of the cost.

The process that creates the material is akin to taking a photograph and then transferring the image to the material. You wouldn’t believe some of the patterns available nowadays. Your wildest fantasies can be played out on your kitchen or island counter tops.

Here again some simple woodworking skills are required for a DIY kitchen makeover.

The same thought that went into the snack center down in your recroom can be applied here as well.

But, here you can add a central island for meals and snacks. You can Build into the center a beverage center, and various modern cooking conveniences that make your stove and oven almost unnecessary.

A built in microwave keeps everything within easy reach. Crockpot, induction cooker, and juicer/blender makes the perfect breakfast, quick lunch, or dinner ready when you are in the rapid pace world in which we live in.

The laminate counter wouldn’t stain, or yellow, and cleans in a flash. A laminate countertop will save you time and effort on cleanups after meals.

Change your unused basement into the ultimate computer Game room

For this, you may need to use all of your creativity and imagination.

On one wall, a large screen TV. In front of it, a comfortable area where your gamers can recline facing the screen.

LED Track lighting provides light where it’s needed and prevents glare on the screen.

A snack center in the back of the room supplies the cold beverages and tasty treats with a small Undercounter reefer and countertop to hold glasses and bowls for chips and dips.

Next, a little further back, a large sofa behind, for those who prefer sitting, while they play their favorite MMORPG games.

Now you will need your wiring skills as well as your jigsaw as you route cabling for audio headsets and game controller behind the sofa so each player can interact with the other players and control their avatar’s adventures and moves.

These games are mega-popular today games being played worldwide today, with the likes of World of WarCraft, CounterStrike, and of course the Candy Crush Saga.

Shelving along the walls, hold racks of the various games, videos, game machines, and the PCs needed for play. Internet and WIFI link round out the picture.

So no matter what type of online entertainment you enjoy. You can find it here.

DIY home improvement can be done simply and easy, if you take the time up front to plan it out first. Some simple hand tools, a jigsaw, and a little savvy on the new laminate materials now available is all you need.

You can create a dream recroom snack center, Gamers’ paradise, or revamp your kitchen, to become more modern and designed to work at the speed of life today. Doing so in a comfortable manner with everything, you want within easy reach.

Start Planning now before the spring thaw sets in and be ready to make your home more livable, beautiful, and enjoyable as well.

Happy Building!