Calvin And Hobbes Bed Sheets

Calvin and Hobbes is one of the most beloved cartoon comic strips ever. Printed designs for bed sheets usually reflect the bright and vibrant colors of the cartoons. The cartoons on bed sheets range from fun and whimsical to heartfelt and warm and get it on

Bed Sheet Sizes

Calvin And Hobbes Bed SheetCalvin and Hobbes bed sheets come in different sizes and are appropriate even for adults. For young kids, toddler-sized bed sheets are perfect for toddler beds. Although some younger kids might not recognize the characters just yet, the colors and the tiger character will be just as fun.

The twin or full-sized Calvin and Hobbes bed sheets are more appropriate for bigger kids and even teenagers. Bed sheets also come with matching pillowcases, and these can be mixed and matched as well. Calvin and Hobbes bed sheets will be great as a gift for teenagers.

For adult-sized beds, there are also queen or king-sized bed sheets. Calvin and Hobbes have more serious themes for adults that like the cartoon, or for those who don’t mind a more whimsical design, Calvin and Hobbes have those too.

Bed Sheet Quality

Calvin and Hobbes bed sheets are usually made with a combination of fibers. The combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester has a very soft feel. It is also more durable and resists thread breakage better. The bed sheets are light to touch and will last tons of washings without fading.


Having Calvin and Hobbes bed sheets is a fun way to dress up any bed and for any age group as well. The sheets are good quality and also reflect the good nature of the cartoon comic strip. They are also great for gifts, especially for Calvin and Hobbes fans. Since Calvin and Hobbes bed sheets vary in size, it can be a perfect bedding theme to share among family.