What Makes a Great Vampire Movie?

What Makes a Great Vampire Movie?

One of the most intriguing things about vampire movies is just how varied and different those movies can be.  You can’t even compare the creepiness of Max Schrek in Nosferatu with the sparkly vampires of the Twilight films.  But what makes a great vampire movie?  Vampire movies can be so different, they aren’t carbon copies of each other.  You have tons of original work mixed in among the classics.  It makes it hard to define what makes a good vampire movie.

Part of the answer depends on the type of film you want to see.  Do you want the horror and the gore that can be associated with the vampire genre or do you prefer a more sensual version of the vampire flick?  Does the movie plot itself make a difference?  Since vampire films are now mainstream and not regulated to the horror section there are some pretty engaging plots that look into the human condition.

Traditional or New Twist on an Old Theme

What also makes vampire movies so interesting is the mythology that surrounds them.  Vampire legends vary widely from how vampires are made, how they live and often the most important part of the vampire flick is how to kill them.  Does garlic make them weak, will sunlight kill them and what about holy water and silver?  All these are questions that determine the direction of the film.

Do you want an action packed series like the Blade trilogy or The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires.  Do you want a more sensual version of vampires like you would find in the 1983 movie The Hunger.  Perhaps you like a combination of both such as you would see in the Underworld Series, which also combines other mythologies like werewolves.

What Makes a Good Vampire Movie

While the sheer variety of vampire flicks makes it pretty hard to narrow it down to just one or two things that make up a great flick, there are a few basics that help make the film memorable and maybe even great.  So what are they?  Let’s look.

  1. Cool vampires. This is a must!  Boring or lame vampires will make for a pretty boring movie.  You have a lot to work with here, it can be the antihero like in the Blade movies or the hot alluring vampire like Lestat.  You can also go with the more traditional and scary vampire like Christopher Lee or Max Schrek.
  2. Strong hero or heroine. Vampires are strong and supernatural creature albeit evil as well.  You need a really cool hero that you want to cheer on in order to fight them off.
  3. A good victim. Seriously, you can’t have a good vampire movie without a victim.  Someone needs to get bitten, your vampire may be a beautiful monster but they are still monsters.

Traditional or a new spin on the vampire trope you still need these three things to make a memorable vampire film.